Thursday, 9 December 2010


It's been a busy week or two for ZGG, we've gone from a war footing to peace, opened a new office and have made progress towards our aim of manufacturing vessels, components and ammunition.

Peace and quiet

Firstly our War Declaration was withdrawn and we were able to restart full operations. I'll admit that the WarDec wasn't great but it really didn't have an effect on ZGG operations. Perhaps it was timezones that did it but whenever we were on our "enemies" weren't and when they were on we weren't. Still being able to hit an asteroid field without constantly monitoring Local for red marks was welcomed by the whole Corporation.

Production Line

Mining operations over the last three months have meant we've built up a sizeable store of minerals (at one point we'd collected over 11million m3 of Concentrated Veldspar and 0.5million m3 of Luminous Kernite) that we can use for manufacturing.

The Corporation has also splashed out on two BPC's that will allow us to create 10 Armageddon (Battleship) and 10 Harbinger (Battlecruiser) vessels. We've already built our first Armageddon and this currently sits in our hanger at the headquarters awaiting sale or assignment.

We are aiming to sell all the Harbingers' we make as well as 7 of the 10 Armageddons we will be making. The only issues we've had is that two of the minerals needed, Megacyte and Zydrine, are both expensive and not available in high-sec locations. To make the Armageddon we had to spend 12million ISK on the Megacyte to make one Battleship, if we had to spend this on each we'd cut our profit margin by at least 25%.

Obviously we need to secure Megacyte and Zydrine by mining, and that the result of that endeavour will be the subject of a future post.


We haven't formally entered into an Alliance with anyone but we do have a casual alliance with another corporation at the moment. We provide certain logistics and intelligence in return for protection and a "friendly" posture.

I was a little wary at first but speaking via Teamspeak to members of the other Corporation and a frank discussion with the ZGG member who arranged for it I'm actually happy with the arrangement because in addition to the agreed two-way assistance I'm learning a lot about parts of the game that I have little experience with (such as PvP ship fitting, Planetary Interaction and more)

It's funny that in two weeks so much could happen but it has, ZGG is moving on and things are looking really good... and more importantly profitable.

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