Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fake Wallet API

There are numerous scams people use in EVE Online and one variant uses a fake website, setup to appear genuine and convince people that they really are giving out ISK for free.
There have been various sites setup to help with this as well as numerous people attempting to use the same site and fake wallet details. Some are successful but then there are those that just throw things together and hope for the best. My recent favourite was one that was a reasonably new character, a couple of months old, but was using wallet history that was older than the character. Oh how I laughed at that one.
Still, this hasn't been frowned upon by CCP. This type of scam has managed to stay under the radar and within the rules.... until now.
Overnight CCP Falcon has released a announcement that, in the interest of reducing support tickets/GM overload, says that scams that rely on fabricated wallet details are no longer allowed.
Awww yiss!
Another scam bites the dust.

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